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Human Resources Consulting

Organizational Strategy & Corporate Initiatives

To achieve high levels of output, organizations need to determine how best to engage their employees and ensure they are aligned to their business strategy. This requires a holistic approach to organizational strategy, annual planning, and human capital strategy development.  Organizational strategy and business consulting engagements include:

  • Human Resources Audit
  • Current State Assessment
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly)
  • Facilitation of Leadership Pre-Work Sessions as Inputs to Planning Cycles
  • Organizational Design Modelling
  • Supporting Change Initiatives

Develop a Strategic HR Function

I can help you develop or re-envision your HR Strategy and ensure it is aligned to your business strategy and priorities. I will work with you to assess the current state of your HR team structure and delivery model and assist with the design and development of a desired future state. Strategic HR consulting engagements include:

  • HR Strategy and Annual Plan & Priorities Development
  • HR Operating Model & Structure Consult
  • HR Leader Coaching Programs to Develop your HR Leader Strategic Capability

Culture & Engagement

A strong sense of culture has a positive impact on organizational performance. Drawing on experience ranging from building culture from the ground up, leading culture re-envisioning and validating organizational culture and values, culture and engagement consulting engagements include:

  • Corporate Values session
  • Facilitated Team Values & Behaviours Sessions 
  • Culture & Values Program
  • Employee Engagement Programming
  • Employee Engagement Survey Facilitation (Annual or Quarterly)

People Programs

Having worked with organizations from startup to scale up, I understand that your people programs need to be stage appropriate and designed with culture and values in mind.  Working in a three-step model for delivery – acquire context, create plan, and recommendations for delivery and execution, People Program engagements include:

  • Growth, Change and Transition:
    • Onboarding & Offboarding Program Development
    • Restructuring & Separation
  • Talent Strategies:
    • Talent Acquisition Strategy
    • Recruitment Process Design
    • Campus Recruitment Programs
    • Employer Careers Presence Consult
    • Employer Branding Strategy
    • Employee Value Proposition Definition
  • Health & Wellness Program Design

Leadership Development
and Performance Solutions

Developing leadership talent, understanding leadership bench strength and developing a strong pipeline of leadership talent are common top of mind priorities for CEO's. I work with organizations to assess their leadership priorities and design and develop leadership and performance solutions that support current and future leadership requirements. Leadership and Performance consulting engagements include:

  • Performance Development Program Design
  • Talent Assessment Programs to target top talent development programs and close performance gaps
  • Leadership Programs designed to talent development needs, program examples include: New Managers , Emerging Leaders, Women in Leadership and EQ Edge.
  • Leadership workshops designed to suit leadership development needs, workshop examples include:
    • Communication
    • Empathy
    • Trust
    • Unconscious bias
    • Customized Workshops

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Leadership and executive coaching programs are a guided process that focus on harnessing the inner talent of a leader to reach an agreed destination.  Coaching programs can be designed to help support leadership development, personal growth and improved leader performance. Coaching is a critical element in leadership growth and has a direct impact on the performance of leaders, their teams and their organizations.

Coaching programs are tailored to individual clients needs. The objectives of a coaching program are discussed at the outset and are refined in the early stages of the process working in collaboration with a leader, relevant sponsors and stakeholders. Typical goals of a coaching program can be to help a leader achieve the following: 

  • Develop leadership capability 
  • Support a leaders development priorities
  • Increase leader confidence & leverage strengths
  • Close leadership competency gaps
  • Help leaders develop their leadership presence
  • Support leaders in dealing with organizational change and complexity
  • Develop a leaders self awareness of style and how to best manage or leverage traits in developing their leadership capability 
  • Improve interpersonal skills including influencing, motivating, resolving conflict and facing tough conversations

Coaching engagements typically include the following phases:

  • Assessing fit and context of coaching: determining fit between a coach and leader is key to a successful engagement. Working in consultation with the client and their organization I look to understand the individual and organizational interests in a coaching engagement, I seek to understand the organizational context and environmental factors, to understand how the client likes to be challenged and held accountable, contracting requirements and fit or chemistry with the client.
  • Contracting: I will work with a client and their organization to set expectations on the coaching engagement in terms of confidentiality, initial goals, communications, meeting frequency, check-ins, party availability and cost. 
  • Assessment: Assessment tools can offer enlightening and often insightful information that can be incorporated into development planning. Once initial goals are established assessment tools will be explored with a client further to determine the appropriate tool to support an engagement.
  • Goal setting and development planning: in the goal setting and development planning phase I work with clients to support them in setting their development goals using inputs from the discovery and awareness building phase, using assessment results, and in considering organizational goals and key stakeholder input. 
  • Driving growth and leader development: with the development plan in place I work with the client through regular coaching sessions. This forms the bulk of an engagement where we meet regularly and discuss challenges, best practices and successes. In reflecting patterns of behaviours back to a client, with re-framing and powerful questioning, leaders pursue growth in their plan as they experiment with new ways of thinking and acting. Clients typically see new opportunities, choices and experience greater self awareness as they pursue their coaching objectives.
  • Evaluation and follow up: during a coaching engagement I will have a mid-point check-in and final review meeting with a client. Evaluation meetings include a one on one meeting with the client and a three way meeting with the client and their organizational sponsor to discuss plan progress, future requirements and at the end of an engagement will transition to long term development requirements.  

Coaching engagements are customized to the client and designed to reach desired outcomes. Depending on leader availability, progress and program design coaching engagements can be short term for a specific purpose or can range from four to ten months.
Credentials: ICF Certification In Process

Fractional Human Resources Executive

Fractional Human Resources Executive engagements offer a high value solution for organizations experiencing periods of high growth, in start-up and scale up phases, and as a solution where organizations require HR Executive talent in house for a specific period of time under a flexible arrangement.

Factional HR Executive engagements are tailored to the specific needs of your business, and can include the following:

  • Advisory Services – HR executive advisory services ensure client needs are met by providing innovative solutions and practical advice when you need them
  • Interim Executive - HR executive to assist with the planning, development or execution of strategic priorities on an interim basis
  • Project Engagement - HR executive to support your organization through growth, change or transformation efforts

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